sábado, fevereiro 14, 2009

Love is...

...A special feeling for someone. (Ruben R.- 8º A)
...The best thing that we can have and give.
...something we can't express it words. (Ruben E.)

...suffering. (Bruna B. - 8º A)
...the reason why we cry, laugh. Love make us suffer. Love is give it all to one person, who, sometimes don't apreciate. (Ana Rute)
...A kiss and a hug. (Mafalda A. - 8º A)

...A mother's heart stuffed with chocolate. (Joana L. - 8ºA)
...A feeling that everyone wants to feel and no one want's too at the same time. (Dr. Hope)
...Caring about someone......Teddy-bears, necklaces and roses...Love someone more than anything in this world (Francisca F. 8º A)

...When two people like one another. (Patrícia M. -8ºB)
...Something that is in your heart and is waiting for you to unleah it.
...In the air. (12º A)

...A good feeling. (8ºB)
...An unexplaining word that can be only showed but not teached. It's one of the most important feels of life. No love, no life. (David Varela - 10º B)
...A burning flame you can't see. (Francisco A. 8º A)

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